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CCNA Certification at Infobit

Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)

Who should do / Attend the Course

The CCNA, In the field of computer networking, CCNA will help you improve your skills in Protocol planning and Media planning. Students must be able to operate computers and Internet services before they can take the course. Telecom employees can also join CCNA to learn more about packet switching technology.

Duration : Three month

Exam Code : 200-301


Since 1999 Infobit Technologies is a leader in the high end

Latest technologies ITES and the IT education business. Organizations keep improving, standardising, and integrating their systems to give themselves a competitive edge and keep it. We have the biggest lab for CISCO Training in Gujarat. For CCNA and CCNP Certificate Training, students can get hands-on experience at Infobit.

  • Industrial Experienced Faculty
  • CISCO Certified Trainer
  • Totally Practical Training on CISCO LAB
  • Dedicated Lab Facility (10 AM to 7 PM )
  • Week End Batch for the JOB Professional

Course Content :

  • Fundamental of networking, Internetworking.
  • Operation of IP Date Network
  • Fundamentals of CISCO Routers
  • IP Numberings.(IPV4 & IPV6 )
  • IOS Installation, New Router Configuration
  • Identifications of CISCO Component
  • IOS Command Management With CISCO Router
  • IP Routing, Static & Dynamic with Multiple routers
  • Managing CISCO Inert network, CDP/LLDP & NTP
  • TFTP Server configuration
  • Managing Traffic and Security with Access List,Troubleshooting IPV6 ACLs
  • LAN Switching Technologies, VLAN,VTP,STP Configuration,LAN Security
  • NAT Configurations
  • VPN Configurations, VTP and DTP
  • Wireless Router Configuration
  • WAN (Wide Area Network) Protocol Configurations
  • Troubleshooting and Network Testing
  • Understanding QOS using IPSLA as TOOL
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