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The Associate Android Developer certification, offered by Google, serves as a validation of the skills and proficiency of entry-level Android developers. The certification traditionally assesses competencies across various key areas. These include testing and debugging skills, proficiency in crafting user interfaces following Material Design principles, managing data using SQLite databases, handling user input, optimizing app performance, ensuring basic security measures, and understanding fundamental Android app architecture principles. To prepare for the certification, candidates are advised to explore official Android documentation, guides, and sample projects provided by Google, in addition to any available practice exams and study guides. It's crucial to visit the official Google Developers Certification website for the most up-to-date information, as certification requirements and offerings may have undergone changes..

Who should do This Course

The Associate Android Developer certification from Google is suitable for individuals who aspire to demonstrate their skills and knowledge as entry-level Android developers. This certification is particularly beneficial for those who want to validate their proficiency in building Android applications and seek recognition in the industry.

Target Audience:

• Individuals aspiring to become Android developers.

• Recent graduates with a degree in computer science or a related field.

• Developers with some experience in Android development looking to formalize their skills.

• Anyone seeking official recognition from Google for their Android development capabilities.

Prerequisites: While there might not be strict prerequisites for the certification, candidates are generally expected to have a foundational understanding of Android development. The following skills and knowledge are beneficial:

1. Programming Knowledge: Basic proficiency in a programming language, preferably Java or Kotlin, which are commonly used for Android development.

2. Android Development Fundamentals: Understanding of basic Android development concepts, such as activities, intents, layouts, and views.

3. Experience with Android Studio: Familiarity with the Android Studio IDE, which is the official integrated development environment for Android development.

4. Basic App Development Experience: Some hands-on experience in developing simple Android applications is helpful.

5. Understanding of Version Control: Basic knowledge of version control systems like Git, which is commonly used in collaborative software development.

Duration : 2 Months

Exam Code : Associate Android Developer certification


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Course Content :

1. Testing and Debugging:

  • Writing and running Android test cases.
  • Debugging and fixing issues in Android applications.

2. User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX):

  • Creating user interfaces using layouts and views.
  • Implementing Material Design principles.

3. Data Management:

  • Managing app data using SQLite databases and content providers.

4. User Input:

  • Collecting user input and implementing navigation between screens.

5. Performance and Security:

  • Optimizing app performance.
  • Ensuring basic security measures in Android applications.

6. App Architecture:

  • Understanding and applying fundamental Android app architecture principles.
  • Implementing effective navigation patterns.
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